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Basketball Games on DVD



1996 Gym Rats Midnight Madness All Star Game (Tracy McGrady 32 pts) (A) (RARE GAME - CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFO) ***

1997 Roundball Classic High School All Star Game (featuring Tracy McGrady) (A)

1997 NBA Draft (Tim Duncan #1, Tracy McGrady #9) (A) (Rebroadcast)

2/7/98 NBA Rookie Game (Zydrunas Ilgauskas MVP - 18 pts, Tracy McGrady 9 pts) (B)

4/4/00 Raptors vs Pistons (Tracy McGrady 28 pts, Vince Carter 24 pts) (A)

12/2/00 Magic vs Nets (Tracy McGrady 40 pts) (A)

12/25/00 Magic vs Pacers (Tracy McGrady 43 pts) (A)

2/20/01 Magic vs Suns (Tracy McGrady 44 pts) (A)

3/13/01 Magic vs Kings (Tracy McGrady 25 pts) (Tracy McGrady and Bobby Jackson FIGHT!) (B)

3/28/01 Magic vs Sixers (Tracy McGrady 44 pts and game-winner) (A) (Rebroadcast)

4/13/01 Magic vs Wizards (Tracy McGrady 49 pts) (A) (Rebroadcast)

4/28/01 Magic vs Bucks Playoffs Game 3 (Tracy McGrady 42 pts) (A)

11/9/01 Magic vs Kings (Tracy McGrady 44 pts) (A)

12/8/01 Magic vs Hawks (Tracy McGrady 40 pts) (A)

12/10/01 Magic vs Clippers (Tracy McGrady 47 pts) (A)

1/4/02 Magic vs Nets (Tracy McGrady 35 pts) (Tracy McGrady and Kenyon Martin FIGHT!) (A)

3/8/02 Magic vs Wizards (Tracy McGrady 50 pts) (A)

3/19/02 Magic vs Bucks (Tracy McGrady 48 pts) (A)

11/2/02 Magic vs Bucks (Tracy McGrady 47 pts) (A)

11/5/02 Magic vs Kings (Tracy McGrady 41 pts) (A)

11/19/02 Magic vs Sonics (Tracy McGrady 41 pts) (A)

12/25/02 Magic vs Pistons (Tracy McGrady 46 pts) (A) (Rebroadcast)

1/3/03 Magic vs Hornets (Tracy McGrady 40 pts) (A)

1/24/03 Magic vs Suns (Tracy McGrady 33 pts) (A)

2/2/03 Magic vs Hawks (Tracy McGrady 30 pts) (A)

2/21/03 Magic vs Bulls (Tracy McGrady 52 pts) (A)

2/23/03 Magic vs Nets (Tracy McGrady 46 pts) (A)

2/28/03 Magic vs Knicks (Tracy McGrady 34 pts) (Patrick Ewing jersey retirement) (A)

3/5/03 Magic vs Bucks (Tracy McGrady 48 pts) (A)

3/9/03 Magic vs Nuggets (Tracy McGrady 43 pts) (A)

3/21/03 Magic vs Cavs (Tracy McGrady 39 pts) (A)

3/23/03 Magic vs Heat (Tracy McGrady 37 pts) (A)

3/26/03 Magic vs Hornets (Tracy McGrady 41 pts, Jamal Mashburn 40 pts) (A)

4/20/03 Magic vs Pistons Playoffs Game 1 (Tracy McGrady 43 pts) (A) (Rebroadcast)

4/23/03 Magic vs Pistons Playoffs Game 2 (Tracy McGrady 46 pts) (A) (Rebroadcast)

5/2/03 Magic vs Pistons Playoffs Game 6 (Tracy McGrady 37 pts) (A)

11/12/03 Magic vs Grizzlies (Tracy McGrady 36 pts) (A)

11/14/03 Magic vs Nuggets (Tracy McGrady 51 pts) (A)

1/6/04 Magic vs Pacers (Tracy McGrady 43 pts) (A)

1/16/04 Magic vs Celtics (Tracy McGrady 44pts) (A) (Rebroadcast)

2/8/04 Magic vs Lakers (Tracy McGrady 35 pts) (A)

2/17/04 Magic vs Bucks (Tracy McGrady 41 pts) (A)

2/18/04 Magic vs Jazz (Tracy McGrady 43 pts) (A)

3/10/04 Magic vs Wizards (Tracy Mcgrady 62 pts - CAREER HIGH!) (A)

3/13/04 Magic vs Sonics (Tracy McGrady 40 pts) (A)

12/2/04 Rockets vs Mavs (Dirk Nowitzki 53 pts - CAREER HIGH, Tracy McGrady 48 pts) (A)

12/9/04 Rockets vs Spurs (Tracy McGrady 33 pts with 4 three pointers in final 35 seconds in amazing comeback game!) (A)

12/20/04 Rockets vs Raptors (Yao Ming 40 pts) (A)

1/9/05 Rockets vs Nuggets (Tracy McGrady 45 pts) (A)

1/12/05 Rockets vs Mavs (Tracy McGrady 30 pts) (A)

1/20/05 Rockets vs Magic (Tracy McGrady 27 pts, old school jerseys) (A)

4/25/05 Rockets vs Mavs Playoffs Game 2 (Tracy McGrady game-winning shot and also has a huge dunk over Shawn Bradley during the game!) (A)

11/17/05 Rockets vs Spurs (Tracy McGrady 27 pts) (A)

12/18/05 Rockets vs Lakers (Tracy McGrady 20 pts and game-winning shot, Kobe 24 pts) (A)

1/5/06 Rockets vs Cavs (Tracy McGrady 34 pts, Lebron 32 pts) (A)

1/16/07 Rockets vs Mavs (Tracy McGrady 45 pts) (A)

3/2/07 Rockets vs Nuggets (Tracy McGrady 28 pts, Carmelo Anthony 30 pts, Allen Iverson 19 pts) (A)

5/5/07 Rockets vs Jazz Playoffs Game 7 (Tracy McGrady 29 pts) (A)

11/1/07 Rockets vs Jazz (Tracy McGrady 47 pts) (A)

11/6/08 Rockets vs Blazers (Tracy McGrady 30 pts, Brandon Roy 17 pts and BUZZER BEATER!) (A)

11/12/08 Rockets vs Suns (Tracy McGrady 27 pts, Shaq 18 pts, Matt Barnes and Rafer Alston FIGHT) (A)

2/20/10 Knicks vs Thunder (Tracy McGrady 26 pts in his 1st game with the Knicks, Kevin Durant 36 pts and hits the shot to send the game into OT) (A)

12/23/12 Qingdao vs Guangsha (Tracy McGrady 41 pts) (NOT ENGLISH) (A)