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Basketball Games on DVD



1996 Gym Rats Midnight Madness All Star Game (Tracy McGrady 32 pts) (A)

1997 Roundball Classic High School All Star Game (featuring Tracy McGrady) (A)

1997 NBA Draft (Tim Duncan #1, Tracy McGrady #9) (A) (Rebroadcast)

2/7/98 NBA Rookie Game (Zydrunas Ilgauskas MVP - 18 pts, Tracy McGrady 9 pts) (B)

4/4/00 Raptors vs Pistons (Tracy McGrady 28 pts, Vince Carter 24 pts) (A)

12/2/00 Magic vs Nets (Tracy McGrady 40 pts) (A)

12/25/00 Magic vs Pacers (Tracy McGrady 43 pts) (A)

2/20/01 Magic vs Suns (Tracy McGrady 44 pts) (A)

3/13/01 Magic vs Kings (Tracy McGrady 25 pts) (Tracy McGrady and Bobby Jackson FIGHT!) (B)

3/28/01 Magic vs Sixers (Tracy McGrady 44 pts and game-winner) (A) (Rebroadcast)

4/13/01 Magic vs Wizards (Tracy McGrady 49 pts) (A) (Rebroadcast)

4/28/01 Magic vs Bucks Playoffs Game 3 (Tracy McGrady 42 pts) (A)

11/9/01 Magic vs Kings (Tracy McGrady 44 pts) (A)

12/8/01 Magic vs Hawks (Tracy McGrady 40 pts) (A)

12/10/01 Magic vs Clippers (Tracy McGrady 47 pts) (A)

1/4/02 Magic vs Nets (Tracy McGrady 35 pts) (Tracy McGrady and Kenyon Martin FIGHT!) (A)

3/8/02 Magic vs Wizards (Tracy McGrady 50 pts) (A)

3/19/02 Magic vs Bucks (Tracy McGrady 48 pts) (A)

11/2/02 Magic vs Bucks (Tracy McGrady 47 pts) (A)

11/5/02 Magic vs Kings (Tracy McGrady 41 pts) (A)

11/19/02 Magic vs Sonics (Tracy McGrady 41 pts) (A)

12/25/02 Magic vs Pistons (Tracy McGrady 46 pts) (A) (Rebroadcast)

1/3/03 Magic vs Hornets (Tracy McGrady 40 pts) (A)

1/24/03 Magic vs Suns (Tracy McGrady 33 pts) (A)

2/2/03 Magic vs Hawks (Tracy McGrady 30 pts) (A)

2/21/03 Magic vs Bulls (Tracy McGrady 52 pts) (A)

2/23/03 Magic vs Nets (Tracy McGrady 46 pts) (A)

2/28/03 Magic vs Knicks (Tracy McGrady 34 pts) (Patrick Ewing jersey retirement) (A)

3/5/03 Magic vs Bucks (Tracy McGrady 48 pts) (A)

3/9/03 Magic vs Nuggets (Tracy McGrady 43 pts) (A)

3/21/03 Magic vs Cavs (Tracy McGrady 39 pts) (A)

3/23/03 Magic vs Heat (Tracy McGrady 37 pts) (A)

3/26/03 Magic vs Hornets (Tracy McGrady 41 pts, Jamal Mashburn 40 pts) (A)

4/20/03 Magic vs Pistons Playoffs Game 1 (Tracy McGrady 43 pts) (A) (Rebroadcast)

4/23/03 Magic vs Pistons Playoffs Game 2 (Tracy McGrady 46 pts) (A) (Rebroadcast)

5/2/03 Magic vs Pistons Playoffs Game 6 (Tracy McGrady 37 pts) (A)

11/12/03 Magic vs Grizzlies (Tracy McGrady 36 pts) (A)

11/14/03 Magic vs Nuggets (Tracy McGrady 51 pts) (A)

1/6/04 Magic vs Pacers (Tracy McGrady 43 pts) (A)

1/16/04 Magic vs Celtics (Tracy McGrady 44pts) (A) (Rebroadcast)

2/8/04 Magic vs Lakers (Tracy McGrady 35 pts) (A)

2/17/04 Magic vs Bucks (Tracy McGrady 41 pts) (A)

2/18/04 Magic vs Jazz (Tracy McGrady 43 pts) (A)

3/10/04 Magic vs Wizards (Tracy Mcgrady 62 pts - CAREER HIGH!) (A)

3/13/04 Magic vs Sonics (Tracy McGrady 40 pts) (A)

12/2/04 Rockets vs Mavs (Dirk Nowitzki 53 pts - CAREER HIGH, Tracy McGrady 48 pts) (A)

12/9/04 Rockets vs Spurs (Tracy McGrady 33 pts with 4 three pointers in final 35 seconds in amazing comeback game!) (A)

12/20/04 Rockets vs Raptors (Yao Ming 40 pts) (A)

1/9/05 Rockets vs Nuggets (Tracy McGrady 45 pts) (A)

1/12/05 Rockets vs Mavs (Tracy McGrady 30 pts) (A)

1/20/05 Rockets vs Magic (Tracy McGrady 27 pts, old school jerseys) (A)

4/25/05 Rockets vs Mavs Playoffs Game 2 (Tracy McGrady game-winning shot and also has a huge dunk over Shawn Bradley during the game!) (A)

11/17/05 Rockets vs Spurs (Tracy McGrady 27 pts) (A)

12/18/05 Rockets vs Lakers (Tracy McGrady 20 pts and game-winning shot, Kobe 24 pts) (A)

1/5/06 Rockets vs Cavs (Tracy McGrady 34 pts, LeBron 32 pts) (A)

1/16/07 Rockets vs Mavs (Tracy McGrady 45 pts) (A)

3/2/07 Rockets vs Nuggets (Tracy McGrady 28 pts, Carmelo Anthony 30 pts, Allen Iverson 19 pts) (A)

5/5/07 Rockets vs Jazz Playoffs Game 7 (Tracy McGrady 29 pts) (A)

11/1/07 Rockets vs Jazz (Tracy McGrady 47 pts) (A)

11/6/08 Rockets vs Blazers (Tracy McGrady 30 pts, Brandon Roy 17 pts and BUZZER BEATER!) (A)

11/12/08 Rockets vs Suns (Tracy McGrady 27 pts, Shaq 18 pts, Matt Barnes and Rafer Alston FIGHT) (A)

2/20/10 Knicks vs Thunder (Tracy McGrady 26 pts in his 1st game with the Knicks, Kevin Durant 36 pts and hits the shot to send the game into OT) (A)

12/23/12 Qingdao vs Guangsha (Tracy McGrady 41 pts) (NOT ENGLISH) (A)