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Basketball Games on DVD



3/8/57 Kansas vs Southern Methodist (featuring Wilt Chamberlain) (silent film) (EDITED) (B)

3/9/57 Kansas vs Oklahoma City (featuring Wilt Chamberlain) (silent film) (EDITED) (B)

3/21/57 Kansas vs San Francisco (featuring Wilt Chamberlain) (silent film) (EDITED) (B)

3/23/57 Kansas vs North Carolina NCAA Championship (Wilt Chamberlain 23 pts) (silent film) (EDITED) (F)

3/2/62 Warriors vs Knicks (Wilt 100 pts - CAREER HIGH - NBA RECORD!) (features audio of the 4th quarter while a montage of Wilt Chamberlain photos are shown in the background, there is no television footage available for this game) (A)

4/24/64 Warriors vs Celtics Finals Game 4 (Wilt Chamberlain 27 pts and 38 rebounds vs Bill Russell) (NOT COMPLETE) (A) (Rebroadcast)

4/9/67 Sixers vs Celtics Playoffs Game 4 (Wilt Chamberlain vs Bill Russell) (NOT COMPLETE - 2ND HALF ONLY) (A) (Rebroadcast - full screen)

5/5/69 Lakers vs Celtics Finals Game 7 (Wilt Chamberlain vs Bill Russell in his last game) (NOT COMPLETE - 4TH QTR ONLY) (A)

5/4/70 Lakers vs Knicks Finals Game 5 (Wilt Chamberlain 22 pts and 19 rebounds) (NOT COMPLETE) (C) (Rebroadcast)

5/8/70 Lakers vs Knicks Finals Game 7 (Willis Reed heroic comeback game, Wilt Chamberlain 21 pts and 24 rebounds) (A) (Remastered)

4/4/71 Lakers vs Bulls Playoffs Game 6 (A)

1/9/72 Lakers vs Bucks (Wilt Chamberlain 15 pts, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 39 pts) (A) (Rebroadcast)

5/7/72 Lakers vs Knicks Finals Game 5 (Wilt Chamberlain 24 pts and 29 rebounds) (MISSING SOME OF THE 4TH QTR) (A) (Most Remastered)

5/10/73 Lakers vs Knicks Finals Game 5 (Wilt Chamberlain 23 pts and 21 rebounds) (B) (Rebroadcast)

1971-1972 Lakers - NBA Vault (Featuring Wilt Chamberlain) (A)

1973 Dean Martin Celebrity Roast of Wilt Chamberlain (A)

3/18/91 Sixers vs Magic (Charles Barkley 24 pts) (features Wilt Chamberlain jersey retirement ceremony) (A) (RARE GAME -CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFO) ***

1/17/98 Kansas vs Kansas State (Wilt Chamberlain jersey retirement ceremony) (A)

Wilt Chamberlain - Greatest Sports Legends (includes interviews and highlights of his career) (A)

Wilt Chamberlain - Vintage NBA (A)

Wilt Chamberlain - Overtime (features highlights and interviews from his career) (A)

Wilt Chamberlain - The Dominant Force (A)

Wilt Chamberlain - Distant Replay and Larger Than Life (A)

Wilt Chamberlain - Classic's Schaap One on One interview parts 1 and 2 (A) (Rebroadcast)

Wilt Chamberlain - Up Close Classics interview (A) (Rebroadcast)

Wilt Chamberlain - Wilt 100 (A) (HD)